Thursday Club
Make it a date in your diary every Thursday for two hours of writing, followed by informal discussions on everything literature.
Do it, write!
The goal of Do it, write! aka Thursday Club is to assemble creative minds including those who wish to get more creative, to come together and breathe in a collective consciousness of creativity, and support each other in the process. The idea comes from 'Do it, write', a play on words that I used for some environmental meetings a few years ago.
  • Meeting point
    The Gallery, Westport
  • Day
  • 3pm until 5 pm
Join us in The Gallery Café in Westport on the first Thursday of every month, for the 'Thursday Club', an informal get-together for writers and creatives alike, to relax in a peaceful and quiet location (you can even sit in the garden area when the weather allows), to write, doodle, draw, paint or type, or pen a letter to a loved one, family member or get active and use your ink to support a good cause, e.g. Amnesty or Survival International.
Ideas & What we can create together
Introductions and updates from last meeting
We can introduce each other to each other and also listen to each other's stories, a little bit like a 'Human Library', we can also share what is new and perhaps things will come up that will inspire us in our creative works.
Write to a family member or friends
Use one of The Gallery's 'Writing Stations', to write to a loved one, a family member or surprise a friend, spend some time penning some nice thoughts and help lift someone's day, it will also lift up yours in the process!
Write for Rights with Amnesty

Amnesty supporters are making the world a fairer place. Because of the actions of individuals, lives have been saved, unfair laws have changed, and the wrongfully imprisoned have been released. Your actions make a difference.

Conscious Connection Cards
Help create a deeper connection to the earth and align with its pulse in a more intimate way. Use this space to create prompt cards about the old ways, such as Samhain, Imbolc, Ogham and so on.
Meditation and Quiet Time
The Gallery has some very unique energy about it, maybe the Feng Shui-oriented layout, or the Taoist practices that occur, hidden in the background, whatever it is, join us for 'Quiet the Mind, Only Write Kind'. Where for an hour, we operate in total silence, and the only form of communication is either sign language or writing on a notepad, this allows us to practice quietude, with the option of practising observational meditation during this quiet time.

Create a deeper connection with the earth, with the greater community and with oneself. Learn and practice shamanistic and ancient rituals, experience joy and peace in a more conscious way and develop tools to support a path of kindness.

Join us, every Thursday at The Gallery Café, Westport.
Join the Thursday Club
Please use the form below to sign up and drop any comments you feel may be useful. Limited places are available. Thanks and may good bless you x