Hello there, and welcome to the NEWS page, this is my portal to share views, news, musings and information about various topics. I'll post articles about music, the environment, wine (of course), ethics, food production, literary inspirations and whatever else comes to mind. Thanks for joining me.

A little about me: my background covers work across the public, private and voluntary sectors, including community regeneration, youth working, teaching and training, management and design, the development and implementation of a range of intervention programs, training courses and qualifications. I worked for many years in conservation and habitat management, I'm a qualified Environmental Scientist but used to deliver workshops fusing Graffiti Art / Music Production & DJ Skills with Breakdancing! I moved to Ireland over ten years ago to be closer to the ocean (to surf). I ended up opening The Gallery as a base to sell my photography and deliver tours from. (I actually set up 'Westport Photography Tours' in 2012, but ended up being busy with other things at that time!)

I kind of fell into the wine and food and decided to ONLY sell natural wines in around 2016, becoming the first bar in Ireland to specifically do so in the process. Well, that's about it for now, please enjoy my musings and I hope to welcome you in the bar sometime!

Tom Ramwell, 2021

Live fully, tread softly, breathe deeply, love madly, be kind.

Hi I'm Tom Ramwell

I'm an evolving soul on a path with a heart, come and join me for a coffee, cup of tea, glass of wine, have a bit of ethical food and listen to some great music. I'd love if you bought one of my photos, a book, some vinyl, or maybe a nice jar of something delicious or unusual from my shelves.

Did you know I'm a photographer too?

I'm in the process of putting my photography prints up for sale online, please call back or ask me about any particular scenes you may be looking for. Thanks and blessings, Tom.