A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine
Sewing Repair and Service Workshops in Westport
Any idea how many clothes go into landfill each year?
Estimates vary slightly, but a staggering 92 million tons of clothing ends up in landfills worldwide every year. That's like throwing away a rubbish truck full of clothes every second.
How It Works

Join our sewing repair workshops, where you can learn the basics of sewing repairs and get acquainted with interesting people. All required materials (apart from what you want repairing) are included in the workshop. During the workshop, you will learn the basics of sewing theory and learn basic repair techniques as well as being able to drop stuff in for professional repairs.

Fix up your old clothes
Bring in old t-shirts to patch up or make small repairs on, jeans or jackets, or make some new clothes out of your old ones. Meet new people and have a bit of craic too.
Outdoor Gear
Have an old rucksack or tent that you want to fix up or donate? Email a pic of it and we'll see if it's repairable.
Saying 'no' to fast fashion
Fast fashion kills, the aims of these workshops are to promote slow fashion and to promote an approach to fashion that is less damaging to the planet and everything that lives on it.
Your workshop hosts; Carmel and Gemma
Activist, full of beans and mighty craic!
Gemma is a local legend and environmental advocate, here she is pictured on a snowy Spring day in the community garden poly tunnel in Westport alongside one of the trusty volunteer gardeners. Gemma is leading the workshops with her friend Carmel and together they will be on hand to answer any questions, help fix up your garments of offer advice, all in the cosy Gallery workspace.
"By offering this Sewing Repair Workshop, we're not only helping individuals save money and preserve cherished items, but we're also diverting usable goods from landfills and promoting a less environmentally damaging approach to consumption."

In a bid to promote sustainability and support the local community, Tom Ramwell, owner of The Gallery Westport is thrilled to announce the launch of a unique initiative - a Sewing Repair Workshop, inspired by an interview Tom did with the store manager of Patagonia, in the Milan store in Italy, and made possible my two lovely local ladies, Carmel and Gemma.

The idea came about when Tom mentioned he was looking to promote a sewing workshop but was struggling to find people to run it. Whilst collecting used coffee grounds for the community garden, Gemma mentioned she knew someone who wanted to do the same, so the repair workshop was born.

The workshops aim to offer a convenient and eco-conscious solution for people looking to repair their clothes and other small items. From repairing torn seams to fixing broken zippers, come along and give your favourite garments a new lease of life, helping to extend their lifespan and reduce waste.

But that's not all - we're also extending a helping hand to outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers! As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, we're accepting donations of small (1/2 person) tents, waterproof jackets, and similar outdoor equipment for possible repair and redistribution. NB These items (tents, rucksacks, waterproofs) will need to be brought in for Tom to look at beforehand, to offer advice on repairs.

Participants are encouraged to bring their clothing items in need of repair, as well as any suitable outdoor equipment they wish to donate. It's a chance to not only mend your clothes but also to be part of a larger movement towards a greener, more sustainable future.

For more information about the Sewing Repair Workshop or to inquire about donation guidelines, please use the contact form on the website or call; 083 109 1138.

Join us as we stitch together a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow, one repair at a time.

  • Please ensure clothes are clean, dirty clothes will not be repaired
  • For starters we'll do simple repairs: hems, tears, buttons, patches etc
  • For zip replacements please bring along a new zip
  • For patches, please bring material to patch with
  • A returnable deposit of €10 necessary to avoid clothes not being collected
  • Clothes not collected after 3 days will be disposed of

ROAR - Repair, Optimise, Ask, Renew

R - Reduce / Repair: Instead of discarding items that are broken or damaged, take the time and effort to repair them. This can help extend the lifespan of products, reducing waste and saving money.

O - Optimise: Before considering replacing an item, try to find ways to optimise its use or function. This could involve cleaning, organising, or finding new ways to utilise it.

A - Ask: Ask yourself if the product in question can be avoided, i.e. don’t buy it in the first place, ask yourself or the people producing, selling or distributing the product or service, about its ecological footprint, inform yourself and then make a planet-first decision about it.

R - Renew: When items reach the end of their useful life, consider ways to renew or up-cycle them. This could involve repurposing them into new creations or giving them a new lease on life.

By adopting the ROAR principles, we can all contribute to a lifestyle that creates a more positive impact.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by email tomramwell@gmail.com or by phone +00353 (0) 83 109 1138
Sewing Repair Workshops
Mondays | 2pm - 3.30pm | The Gallery Westport | €5