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The Gallery uses Grade 1, Shade or partial-shade-grown, single origin, organic and 'traded fairly' coffee. We stock Westport's own locally roasted coffee, from expert roasters; Bean West as well as from specialist growers and cooperatives, and help support local businesses from the ground up.
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Hi Coffee Lovers

I'm passionate about great tasting ethically sourced coffee, and like to know:

  • Where the coffee beans come from
  • Who grows the coffee and how that impacts their lives
  • How clean and pure the coffee is
  • How the coffee tastes
  • That it is bird-friendly coffee

The journey from bean to cup can span thousands of miles so I spent time considering what type of coffee would best fit The Gallery. It has to be organic (and certified to prove it), it has to be Fairtrade and it has to be of the highest standard, which is why I use 'Bird Friendly' coffee. It must be free from pesticides and toxins and give back to the community where it is grown.

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Cherry pie, local apple pie, pecan cookies, cinnamon rolls...using ancient Irish organic grains!
As well as using the most ethical beans I can get my hands on, I figured I'd look for a machine that consumes less power than the big beasts that adorn many a coffee shop, something that suits the needs of The Gallery.

As a result, I use a 'Ponte Vecchio' Lusso, a two-group, traditional Italian lever pull machine, widely reputed to offer excellent coffee extraction, plus, it looks very stylish and is super fun to use!

The Gallery uses a NICHE coffee grinder, one of the quietest grinders available (only 72db) It uses the superb 63mm Kony conical burr with virtually zero coffee residue between grinds. What does this mean?

This means that each cup of coffee tastes as fresh as possible, is ground and pulled through to order. Current grinders often trap large amounts of coffee in their grind chambers. As we know, ground coffee starts to go stale in a matter of seconds. So your coffee is being tainted by the old trapped stale grind. With this in mind, the Niche Zero Grinder’s unique grind path has been developed to retain virtually no grind and give you the freshest grind every time.

The Gallery is the first coffee shop in Ireland to ban any single-use takeaway cups!
The Gallery Café, Wine & Tapas Bar in Westport, only sell (since 2017) ‘takeaway’ coffee in ceramic mugs, I believe we are the first café to do so in Ireland!

Let me explain. Headlines such as ‘guilt-free coffee’ or ‘environmentally friendly coffee’, just because a company or organisation has started using biodegradable takeaway cups, are quite simple, untrue and equally misleading. How can a single-use product, that uses the earth’s resources, be deemed ‘environmentally friendly’? This is pure irony. Any product that has a toll, no matter how small on the planet, by definition, can only be referred to as ‘Less Environmentally Damaging’ (a term I coined over ten years ago). Even a biodegradable cup has to be manufactured and transported in the first place! It makes zero sense.

The Gallery sells LED products, so if you’d like your Bird-Friendly coffee in a takeaway cup, please, bring your own, or feel free to get one in super stylish, and LED donated cups! Click here for an older post about biodegradable plastics. It’s from 2010 and let’s hope that tech has moved on since then to manufacture better quality and more widely and effective biodegradable products, still, less is more, just don’t create the need for a takeaway cup in the first place!

What is shade-grown coffee and why should we be informed about it?

Traditionally, coffee was grown commercially under other trees that provided shade. Indeed, in its natural wild state, coffee much prefers shade in the heat of the tropics.

However, since the 1970s, new sun-tolerant coffee plants have been developed with the aim to yield higher production rates to produce larger yields through higher-density, open planting over huge areas of land.

Unfortunately, this cultivation practice of open planting is completely unsustainable, destroys the land through overexposure to the sun, and has a negative impact on the environment that is not talked enough about.

You have to try her
Cherry Pie!
Inspired by David Lynch's 'Twin Peaks' series!
twin peaks
Twin Peaks is a small logging town in northeastern Washington State, five miles south of the Canadian border and twelve miles west of the state line with Idaho. Twin Peaks drew its name from the two mountains between which it lay, White Tail and Blue Mountain.
Twin Peaks is a small logging town in northeastern Washington State, five miles south of the Canadian border and twelve miles west of the state line with Idaho. Twin Peaks drew its name from the two mountains between which it lay, White Tail and Blue Pine Mountain
Cherry Pie