Do you work remotely?
Would you like to work in a quiet, yet invigorating and ultra-creative space?
  • Do you work remotely or from home?

    Why not use the beautiful and inspiring Gallery space a few days a week to change up your working environment and re-centre?
    Take a break from working at home, you deserve it (and great coffee too!) Reduce your heating bills and join us for a few days a week!
  • Would you like to feel a new inspiration?
    Why not be in a super creative space that inspires you to be your best, discover new ideas and approaches and be innovative in your tasks, or just simply enjoy working in a relaxed and comfy place?
  • Hire the whole venue for your management meeting!
    Try something different this year and hire the Gallery space for a more informal team brief or management meeting. A printer, WiFi and flip chart are all available on-site. Speak to us about how we can help improve productivity in your workplace.

Our services

High-quality Canon printer available on-site, fair use policy and reasonable rates, black and colour printing, archival quality photo printing also available.

Quality WiFi

Fast WiFi is available to keep connected, fair use applies, ask about how we can facilitate your team today!

Flip Board

We can provide your team with a flip board or even individuals wanting to sketch out ideas, contact us today to find out how we can facilitate your needs!

Quiet Location

Phone-friendly location in case you need to take a call, we also have a private garden space which is also available to hire.

Mic & Speakers

If you require amplification, we can provide that too. We can help you ensure each team member has valid input, why not promote a public speaking event for your team to boost confidence and promote equality?

BBQ Team Building

Why not try out a BBQ event and challenge your team to get creative, use the event as a team exercise to help build individual strength, self-reflection and increase self-awareness.

“If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.” — John Cleese
Indulge, you deserve it!
Speciality teas, organic coffees and treats!
Keep hydrated and refreshed whilst you work, choose from a delightful range of speciality organic teas, bird-friendly organic coffee, and delicious smoothies, or a cheeky glass of natural wine.

We also have scrumptious homemade cakes and treats as well as Corn Rua sourdough toasties to keep you fuelled up throughout the day.

Please help support my business and book yourself some time to work on your projects, write that book you always wanted to, get your work-from-home-work done, change up your venue to generate fresh inspiration and get access to bird-friendly coffee, speciality teas and yummy food too!
Advantages of (co)working in the Gallery for you, or your team.
Help to support a local business, save money on home heating bills and foster a sense of community!
    Burnout is a syndrome that results from workplace stress that has not been successfully managed, according to the World Health Organization. Those dealing with burnout typically exhibit three common characteristics; Physical exhaustion, Cynicism and professional efficacy. Don't be one of them!
    Increased focus on creativity, diversity, equity and inclusion are some of the by-products of being in the Gallery workspace, leading to feelings of well-being and a stronger sense of community.

    Opting to work in The Gallery space a couple of times a week or month, can really help keep my doors open and my business going. Pressures of Covid increased electricity bills and so on, have been a real challenge, especially for some smaller businesses, so I'd be very happy for you to show your support and book yourself a lovely relaxing space to work from in 2023.
What does it mean to “hack away the unessential?"
Bruce Lee said this: “It is not daily increase but daily decrease, hack away the unessential. The closer to the source, the less wastage there is.”
Want to book a workspace for yourself?
Drop me a line here and ask about the Gallery coworking space or venue hire for your team. Thank you.
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