Valenwine’s Date Night with Figs…


Valentine’s day, origins skeptical…every day is Valentine.

Every day is an opportunity to wake up and embrace the living moment as if it were the last. We just said ‘goodbye’ to our beloved on the phone, ask, “is this the last time I will ever be able to communicate to her / him / them?”

Be it our Parents, friends, siblings or pets, let us not ever wonder if we could have said more, or done more. Of course we could have, but life doesn’t always allow. We have to live and accept that we can’t be all things to all people. Wine cannot be all things to all people, but it can always be authentic and chemical free (for the most part).

So FIRST DATE? Well when it comes to wine, read up a bit, (The Dirty Guide to Wine, Natural Wine, read some wine blogs or watch wine films)  if you want to impress on a first date (wine wise) read up on wine – it’s that simple and there’s loads of info out there.

If you haven’t got time to read, then think about who you are with. Are they fiery? Are they warm? Do they take risks? Does your date like to play it safe or venture out? Do they like strong flavours? Do they enjoy floral scents, what kind of meal are you having?

Just choose a wine you feel that she / he will enjoy, better still that both of you will enjoy…

Do you really need someone to tell you how to have a Valentine’s Day meal / wine.? just enjoy each others company, and if the ‘sommelier’ is doing his or her job right, they will ensure that you are having a bit of craic, and more importantly are enjoying the kind of wine that is going to suit your palate, your pocket and your pace.

Wine is a natural product, the wine I buy and serve is made by real people, in real soil. It is alive, it represents soul. Would you rather have someone tell you what and how to listen to music or what and how to look at art?

Thought not. Put aside all the pretentiousness and sample wine, sure, swill it, smell it (important) and taste it, but make room also for the conversation and the atmosphere that wine helps to bind.

Tom Ramwell 2018.

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