Vacancies: Apply Without!

Several vacancies for planet-saving actions are available to us all day, every day. Please apply without…without harming unnecessarily, our wonderful planet, or the people and other animals that call it their home.

I don’t use Palm Oil on my menu, have no GMO products either, only sell wines produced from regenerative farming practices in the vineyard, and I only use organic products, locally sourced where possible. All the furniture as much as possible is upcycled and repaired or repurposed.

This Black Friday, let us all pledge to think the following before making any kind of purchase. Take the average t-shirt for instance:

Let’s pledge to reduce waste!


Here are a few simple solutions on how to be more sustainable with your clothes:

1. Have a look into your closet / wardrobe / garage / shed

You will find that you can probably order your clothes into different piles ranging from the ones you use regularly to the ones that take space but that you never wear anymore, the same goes for other items!

2. Swap, donate or recycle or alter the items you don’t like, use or wear anymore!

Exchange clothes, goods and stuff with your friends and family or look for charities and organization that recycle stuff.

3. Repair the stuff/clothes that are damaged

If you don’t know-how, look for tutorials guiding you step by step. You will be surprised at how easy e.g. sewing can be, or look at any local initiatives that are happening in your area, such as repair shops, upcycling centres etc!

4. Educate yourself

Do you really need ALL those cosmetics / plastic shampoo bottles? Research where your products are made, if it’s a down jacket, is the down ethically sourced? Use carbon-neutral products wherever possible, buy locally made garments or products, always read the labels to know where your clothes come from and how to take care of them. Wash less and at lower temperatures and avoid dry cleaning to make your clothes last longer.

5. Choose quality over quantity

Buy less but better. If you still feel like you need to buy more clothes, shop responsibly. Look for brands with transparent and sustainable values and processes. Choose items that are made with recycled fabrics and/or low impact fibers.

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