Taoism in the Age of Globalisation

Hi folks,

I haven’t done a post here for a while as I’ve been rather busy procrastinating.

Also going through a lot of personal transformation (I mean, what other kind is there? really?).

Fast forward to today and here we all are in the collective melting pot of virus vs conspiracy vs fact vs fiction. This is a book my dad gave me many years ago, it was written in 1971, it’s an interesting read and covers many aspects of the ‘global elite’.


It’s interesting also reading through people’s comments on this book, all valid in their own way. I believe the question to be asked is; “Do I/we/our government put the environment, the care of the soil, plants, and animals, at the forefront of I/our/their action? Do we act out of love or ego or fear?

Interestingly, most of what the book covers has actually just as much relevance in today’s world. I hope, I pray and I meditate, that we can all act out of love.


Here’s an old poem of mine, it came about after a conversation with an old acquaintance about god. I was being ‘convinced’ that Jesus is the truth and the only way. I believe there is only a path, that path is our way and our way is the path. As long as we evolve through the realms of existence with love as our guide and love as our truth, on the way back to becoming love as it’s own expression, then, perhaps the path is love and love is the path.


The heartbeats…

We breathe, in.

We breathe out.

Our heart is the breath too.

As we encounter other beings; do we do so with our questions, or do we listen to them? Understand?

How do we greet ourselves?

When all we see, hear and feel, is an expanse of dancing energy, a vibrational field of levels of light, what then?

We breathe in, out.

Confronted with eternal space, knowing we are lost in space is to be found…

What choice will we make?

What choice do you make?

Profound, found and lost, spent and cost

I am returning to love in the ways that I can

Holding my own hand, as others, and I, walk home to the place we search for, the ‘found’ place we carry in our hearts always.

Belonging in our connected aloneness.

A unity of cellular reasoning.

Anyone fancy a pint?




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