Why conventional wine is killing the buzz?

“According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, at current rates of soil loss, driven largely by poor farming practice, we have just 60 years of harvests left.” Source: The Guardian My own journey into wine started at around the age of fifteen, with a bottle of 1972 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a rogue bottle that somehow found it’s way back from Scotland after a … Read More

To Fine or Not to Fine, The Living Art of Natural Wine

I got into natural wine while researching organic wines as I was updating my wine list (yet again) and learning that organic, by definition, did not necessarily mean that the wine didn’t contain ‘nasties’ or that it was in fact small-scale, family or community driven or produced. In fact some wines using organically grown grapes may still contain a whole … Read More


The Gallery is proud to be (we believe) Ireland’s 1st ‘All Natural’ wine bar, we are phasing out any existing non-natural wines and will ONLY be selling organic and biodynamic wines, or wines produced alongside organic principles. Our food is all GMO and Palm Oil free, and organic (wherever possible) and locally produced, so it made sense for our wines … Read More

The Great Aerate

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IN STOCK NOW AT THE GALLERY WINE BAR & COFFEE HOUSE Now here’s a great article on aeration, source: Wine Spectator Dear Dr. Vinny, What is the science behind the aeration of wine? What does air do to a wine? Why is it if a wine is closed and then you put air though it (via a funnel of some … Read More