Taoism in the Age of Globalisation

Hi folks, I haven’t done a post here for a while as I’ve been rather busy procrastinating. Also going through a lot of personal transformation (I mean, what other kind is there? really?). Fast forward to today and here we all are in the collective melting pot of virus vs conspiracy vs fact vs fiction. This is a book my … Read More

Reggae vibes

Gregory Isaacs – Extra Classic Gregory Isaacs is the Jamaican-born reggae singer who was known as the “cool ruler” for his smooth, romantic singing style and who popularised the reggae sub genre known as lover’s rock. Writing in the New York Times, music critic Milo Miles called Mr. Isaacs “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae,” adding that “his lustful songs … Read More

Valenwine’s Date Night with Figs…

  Valentine’s day, origins skeptical…every day is Valentine. Every day is an opportunity to wake up and embrace the living moment as if it were the last. We just said ‘goodbye’ to our beloved on the phone, ask, “is this the last time I will ever be able to communicate to her / him / them?” Be it our Parents, … Read More

Valentines Day

Treat your loved one to a bottle of bubbly, choose from the ONLY bottle of SAV Birch Sap wine in the country, or why not go all out with a biodynamic Champagne, we also have the only two bottle of VIP Norwegian-berry infused organic prosecco or for something different again, try our col-fondo style Pet Nat, we’re the only stockist … Read More