Speakeasy coming to The Gallery

On the strength of a brilliant turnout for the recent Westival Haiku and Speakeasy / Poetry Slam events, The Gallery is proud to announce a new monthly ‘Speakeasy’ night starting in Feb 2019, involving some extremely special guests…

Each month, people are invited to showcase their storytelling, their poetry, music or art or whatever they think would fit the night.

Here’s a poem that your host with the most read out at the slam.

A poetry competition for Resurgence, survival of the fittest, not necessarily the best.
Best what?

That could be my entry, but wait, there’s more to come, more to follow…that’s a play on words and empires too.
What we are really concerned with however, is the ability of humans, that’s us, to learn and to grow. To input and to output, balance then, it seems, is the equity of all dreams. No person really wishes to own all the world, for what is meaning without someone to share it with.
The essence then, the essence is to share. To express our ultimate aloneness, with each other, to embrace all that we are and can be within our immediate circle and that of the extended geography of ourselves and our circles too.
We are alone, but no matter what our beliefs, we cannot undo the ultimate feeling of connection. Connection to self, connection to peers, to the soil, to life for that matter. We OUR life, are life. Everything is chemical, as a friend said to me this evening, chatting about the subject of wine, biodynamic wine.
Wine is living art, this is my view, we are all living art. Like wine, we have so many layers, we express ourselves as our true nature, yet we are interpreted in different ways by the people who imbibe our being.
Like wines, we mature, we are living, we only ‘give’ when we are consumed, otherwise we are bottles on the shelf, ships in the harbour, full but useless vessels for the purpose of our own being.
Drink and be drunk on life, metaphorically speaking of course.
I am bold, full bodied and complex, aren’t we all?

Tom Ramwell 2018


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