A warm welcome to The Gallery online shop. In these unprecedented times, please support local businesses where possible. You really can make a difference!

Call me for wine recommendations, remember I offer FREE, contactless delivery and every bottle you buy is going to help keep The Gallery open, especially through these challenging times.


Since opening 5yrs ago, The Gallery has been a market leader in embracing a Less Environmentally Damaging (LED) approach to business, here’s a few of the things I have done:

  • Used up-cycled corks for the door sign and up-cycled furniture for the tables, charity shop chairs and so on
  • Only used Eco-conscious cleaning/toilet products when possible
  • Banned salmon from the menu on environemental grounds
  • Introduced Ireland’s first consciously Palm Oil / GMO free menu
  • I was the first place to ban blood avocado’s in Ireland
  • First place in Ireland to ban single-use takeaway cups
  • Created an ‘Irish Provenance’ Wine List (look out for the green shamrock on the products)
  • Strived to only use local producers, organic produce and small scale products wherever possible
  • Promoted local businesses and producers from day one, not because it’s trendy, but because it’s the right thing to do…

Support local business, support the planet. Be The Change!

Since opening I have promoted either small-scale or local producers, or both, here in Ireland and elsewhere. It means that when you buy wines/products from me, not only do you help a small independent business in Westport (thank you), but you also help other small scale producers in Westport, in Ireland and in other parts of the world. The point being, you are helping the little people, people, that especially in these times, need your help the most. Think about that please, and raise your glass to the champions of the planet.

New products will be added daily, including some of my other products such as the world’s first and only black cheese, as well as a huge array of other items from local producers.

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