Reggae vibes

Gregory Isaacs – Extra Classic

Gregory Isaacs is the Jamaican-born reggae singer who was known as the “cool ruler” for his smooth, romantic singing style and who popularised the reggae sub genre known as lover’s rock. Writing in the New York Times, music critic Milo Miles called Mr. Isaacs “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae,” adding that “his lustful songs are not simple seductions or sexual boasts but sensuous daydreams, escapes from tribulation that invite the listener along.” – Washington Post

Why Reggae?

I like to select and spin reggae tunes on the turntables at The Gallery Wine Bar Natural Westport, they remind me of my home country, New Caledonia – which bursts with the reggae culture. Not only is it a style of music but it is also a way of life, very laid back – just the way we like it at The Gallery!

A lot of reggae songs send out a positive vibe and message and that’s the reason why we like listening to them at The Gallery. Come along, have a nice glass of wine or coffee and let reggae ‘riddims’ transport you…

Audrey, From The Gallery

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