Von Winning, Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc)


This is 100% barrel-fermented in used oak. Full and rich nose with stone fruits, pine, and vanilla. This is full and shiny on the palate. It has density but isn’t fat. The acidity stretches out the long finish. Very full Pinot Blanc.

Founded in 1849 by Dr. Deinhard, developed by his son-in-law Leopold von Winning in 1907, the estate was revived in 2007 by Achim Niederberger, together with the Bassermann-Jordan and von Buhl properties. Tragically Herr Niederberger died in 2013, and his wife Jana now steers the ship. No herbicides, no synthetic fertilisers, no copper, no filtering, and no fining. Every bottle is a winner.

Definitely try with some French Disco like L’Imperitrice, or a classical piece like Swan Lake, might even get you twirling yet 😛

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One of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious wineries, Weingut von Winning was founded in 1849 and revived as a family enterprise in 2007 by the late Achim Niederberger, bringing in the extremely talented Stephan Attman as winemaker and assisted by Andreas Huetwohl.

Practicing organic and with enviable holdings of Grosses Gewächs vineyards across the villages of Ruppertsberg, Deidesheim, and Forst. Von Winning produces the most internationally renowned dry wines in Germany.

Sourced from a selection of Von Winning’s best vineyards in and around Deidesheim.