Vincenzo Rosso, Fattoria di Vaira


Really bright violet colour, red plums and cherries, and gentle tannins. Montepulciano (50%), Merlot (25%) & Cabernet Sauvignon (25%)

The wines of Central Italy are big in flavor and popularity. This area is known for blending the most famous Italian grape Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon, the most famous grape from France. The cult-following “Super Tuscans” and the robust Brunello wines also come from this area, as well as the very fine Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

This bold blend is a beautiful plummy hue in the glass, with notes of black currant, blackberries, and spice. Full-bodied, but with a cleaner texture and ripe tannins on the finish. Give it a decent amount of air to let it expand to its full expression.

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Fattoria di Vaira is one of the largest biodynamic farms in Italy. Here they cultivate vegetables, grains and cereals, and produce fresh cheeses, olive oil, and honey. After several years of applying biodynamic practices, their soil has been restored, reaching a degree of purity similar to wild soil. Kudos indeed!

The grapes for Vincenzo wine are sourced from Fattoria di Vaira, one of the largest biodynamic farms in Italy, with more than 500 hectares, 40 of which are planted to vines. The wines are made by Michele Lorenzetti in conjunction with Eric Narioo of Vino di Anna and Les Caves de Pyrene.

This is a wonderful, very clean environment, with animals, fruit plans, cereals. Shepherds, farmers, cheese makers, vignerons all work in harmony on the farm, idyllic and bonus points given!

Soils are rich in sand and clay, and the climate is purely Mediterranean; a beautiful hillside estate in the Molise, with a view directly towards the Adriatic Sea, and the southern Apennine Mountains just behind.

Farming is biodynamic. The farm uses green manure and cover crops, and compost from their own herb of cattle, as well as BD preps 500 & 501. All the grapes are harvested by hand in small boxes.