Laurent Cazottes ‘Adele’


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Laurent Cazottes is a fruit whisperer, literally lives in the middle of an orchard to watch his fruits.  His main attention is spent on distilling what many consider the finest fruit eaux-di-vie in France but his wine, also made from organically grown fruit from his Tarn region of Southwest France, is also exceptional.  The ‘Adele’ cuvee is 100% Mauzac and is full of mouth-filling texture, yet crisp and dry on the palate.  Aromas of orchard fruits and acacia flowers with baked quince and pear and all lead to a short but intense finish.  A real treat at 12.5%

Laurent uses organically farmed fruits, grown with love as they all should be!

His grapes for this belter-of-a-wine are hand-harvested, and using ultra low intervention winemaking, with low sulphites, he produces this unfiltered and lip-smackingly delicious white wine. It’s a real beauty, unlike most white wines you will have tasted, and for the better!