Gran Cerdo Tempranillo


One of the most popular wines, a total crowd-pleaser, straight-up drinking juice with no fuss. No wood to hold back the pure ‘berry nice’ tastes of red fruits. An honest tasting wine that delivers every time. Best with stronger food, decant a bit before hand whilst listening to some Jimi Henrdix!

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Biodynamic principles, natural wine

Gran Cerdo Tempranillo Gonzalo Grijalba, best value natural red on the market! Gran Cerdo is all about great natural wine with whole bunch fermentation, light filtration, no stabilisation and minimal sulphur. Viticulture is organic (although not certified). The juicy elements of Tempranillo shine through with no dirty oak to mask the charm of this little natural wine giving phenomenal value. The winemaker, Gonzalo Gonzalo is a legend (and not just for his name) because he has proved that you can make a fantastic natural Tempranillo at an affordable price. The nose and flavours are an intoxicating combination of red and dark berries, faint lavender (or violets) and a slightly earthy edge. The herbaceous flavours gives the wine a slight green finish with a little spice, while the tannin and acidity cry out for some red meat.

Gonzalo Gonzalo was born in Logroño, Spain and grew up among the vineyards that his parents cultivated in Fuenmayor. Fiercely protective of the terroir of his family vineyards Gonzalo rejects market driven fashions, formulae, chemical treatments and conformism. Instead he has sought out his own methods with respect for the land, his vineyards, and the traditions of his forefathers.
He balances this respect with formal training in the latest enological techniques and methods. The 100% Tempranillo vineyards themselves were planted 35 years ago in the town of Fuenmayor in the La Tejera subregion, which is an area between groves of trees along the Ebro River and Mount San Llorente in the heart of the Rioja Alta sub-zone. The soil is calcareous clay and the vineyards are 4.5 hectares in size. Gonzalo and his helpers, Teresa and Fernando, tend the vines methodically, and with perfection in mind, year-round and work only with the best grapes they can coax from the land. Using biodynamic methods, they follow the lunar cycle in vineyard and the winery.