Lovely Review!

I got this review a few years ago and just came across it looking through some old emails.

It’s really heart-warming to be recognized for all the long hours I have put into my business over the years. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I’ve been battling a bit of depression these last few years, not really knowing it either, strange old beasts us humans! Onwards and upwards as they say though, so I post this with gratitude for having made it this far and for all the wonderful people I have met along the way.

My love and blessings also go out to all the people who have lost friends or family, either through mental health issues, Covid or for any other reason for that matter. May you all find inner strength and be guided by forces higher than ourselves x


Ireland is not (with a small exception) a land of wines and vineyards. This is not a scoop. And it is enough to order wine in a large part of the establishments (pubs as restaurants) of the island to realize including the poverty of the imported foreign wines (in parallel of insane prices in view of the quality of the wine. these wines).

So of course, there are some excellent French wines there, but they are heavily taxed by the government, and the people are forced to fall back on South African and Australian wines, rather low-end (which does not mean that the wines of these countries are also low-end).

Never mind, some epicureans have embarked, in several places on the island, in a quest for the art of living, good gastronomy, and good wine. And it was on the Westport side of County Mayo that we found a hidden gem, perhaps the best wine bar in Ireland that we found there.

Wine bar, gourmet bistro, cozy lounge, dandy café, it’s hard to find an appellation that perfectly matches “The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar”, so much is it a UFO in the city and in Ireland. A UFO that those who are content to frequent the tourist alleys of a city very popular with Bretons and the French (gateway to Connemara) will not find.

Because the establishment is located at 9 Brewery place, in a small lane to which you have to find access (on the right when going down on Bridge Street), next to the very good restaurant side “An Port Mor”. It must therefore be earned. Don’t imagine walking into it with thirty friends. Because The Gallery will not be able to receive you all. In terms of intimate establishment, we do not do better. About fifteen seats at most, divided between comfortable sofas, tables, and the bistro.

Inside, it’s a fashioned decor… like the owner of the establishment. Warm, multi-themed, crazy. Everywhere, there are many books to discover while sipping on one of the best coffees you have ever tasted. But also original frames, and background music, between Radiohead-style rock, new wave or even “dream-pop” (we were also able to discover an excellent Irish group that we will review later, “ Frankenstein Bolts ” in front of an audience of 10 people for an absolutely brilliant concert).


Once you’ve tasted your coffee or herbal tea, on the advice of the boss, it’s time to move on: and it will be wine. Red, white, and even orange (from Georgia), the menu is both rich and simple, and contains wines that you won’t find anywhere else in Ireland (and not necessarily in France either). A wine trip between Georgia, Tuscany, France, Spain, and even Sweden!

Prices for all portfolios, and especially the enlightened advice of a passionate and crazy man. Who will explain to you that if you take a certain wine, he will decant it for 20 minutes to appreciate it at its true value. Who will make you wait by offering you specialized books on organic, organic, natural wine. Because it is another way of tasting wine that is offered at “The Gallery”. Here, each bottle exudes respect for the terroir, people and production methods.


And to accompany them (because here, it is rather the dishes that accompany the wine), our host turns into a talented restaurateur: many tapas are offered accompanied by crackers, olives, as well as a board of Irish cheeses. (no, it’s not just cheddar!) or cold cuts. Effective. Classroom.

The only disappointment in this establishment is having to leave it, and having to wait to come back. Whether you are looking for a romantic place to bring your bride there, or a place to make a world of friends with friends away from the noise of pubs, while savoring divine drinks and delicious food, then you don’t have to. not allowed to miss “The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar”, located in the heart of Westport.

And if you overdo it, you’ll have plenty of time to compensate for it by climbing Croagh Patrick the next day! The case is heard!

Yann Vallerie

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