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Many TripAdvisor comments refer to The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar in Westport as being the highlight of the whole trip to Ireland!. Find us nestled along a side street opposite one of Ireland’s most famous pubs, ‘Matt Molloys’.

There’s lots of other reasons that The Gallery is worth a visit too…

Sticking to a strong environmentally sound ethos, The Gallery is the first natural wine bar in Ireland, has an entirely palm-oil free and GMO-free menu, was, we believe, the first coffee shop to ban single-use take away cups in Ireland (we invite people to either have an espresso, a chat, read or buy a book from my small, interesting second-hand book section, or use a donated ceramic mug instead and pass it on, return it, or use it again.)

I do not encourage buying a keep cup, ultimately it’s more waste and, just like the ridiculous ‘bag for life’, is, in reality, a waste of earth’s resources. Make time for a coffee, use a flask, or just take time to enjoy a proper brew! It’s pretty simple really.

I don’t issue biodegradable cups or plates either, they are still a part of the cause, not the solution. In fact, I do not agree with single-use anything really and don’t like the term ‘zero-waste’, if it needs making it isn’t zero waste, it’s a misguided term. I prefer the term, Less Environmentally Damaging, or LED for short. It’s a term I coined over ten years ago and I believe defines the context of waste/usage/production etc, in a more real way. I also introduced the 7R’s of recycling over ten years ago, whilst heading up a training course for instructors, and do my best to stick by 7R’s as opposed to just three.

Fritjof Capra, the author of The Tao of Physics has a solid view on systems thinking, that echo James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory, which is why I believe language should reflect in a positive and sustainable way, a solution for positive change and spiritual growth. Perhaps that and other texts have influenced my thinking around sustainability, I also studied Environmental Science & Analysis and worked in conservation training and habitat management for years, so I guess I saw the effect of species decline in real terms, which is why I try to minimise earth impact within my business practice.

I also vehemently support local producers and was the first coffee shop to stock Bean West coffee, I’m also the first and only one in Ireland, to stock Mycotoxin free, ethically sourced, organic coffee. Come and try some, it even tastes clean! I was the first place in Westport to put Pat’s sourdough on my menu too, first to stock Andrew’s tea’s and Dozio’s cheese, all Westport producers, not to mention Abernethy black garlic and smoked butter from slightly further afield, as well as a host of other products.

I still stock and support a broader range of artisan Irish products as time and finances allow, and as availability allows. I have some fantastic, exclusive-to-The Gallery products too, come and check them out!

Some of the wines I sell here, are only available here in The Gallery, have never been to Ireland before and are super, super rare and limited in stock. If you want to treat someone special, including yourself, or you have a dinner party and want to add that special ‘wow’ factor, then call in, I’m the first and only specialist natural wine shop in the west, and have been selling my wines to go since opening over 4yrs ago…

I’m constantly sourcing new and exciting products that are rooted in ethical sustainability and as much as I support locally made products, I also buy in other products from further afield, as long as they are produced in the most sustainable way possible and generally made by smaller scale artisan producers.

There’s also plenty of board games to choose from, loads of great vinyl being played and generally an interesting conversation or character to talk to in here. Relax, enjoy, unwind, and meet new friends, here in Westport’s, in fact Ireland’s most unique and quirky venue, it’s not quite a restaurant, not quite a bar or bookshop, or vinyl shop for that matter, it’s not quite a fine natural wine shop either, it’s a little bit of all of those things, and more!

We are currently organizing a very special series of events that will run throughout the year, so make a reservation, call in or drop me a line.

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