Do you want to eat wholesome, natural food, made by real people with a passion for what they do?

It is also possible to pre-order your food, this allows your food to be ready quicker and for the charcuterie and/or cheeses to attain room temperature, ready for you to eat. Please let Tom know when you are booking, if you want to pre-order.
Thanks and blessings x
My food philosophy is to source the finest ingredients - as local & natural as possible, to prepare them with gratitude and serve with love.

Championing award-winning, artisan producers along the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland in general. It is my ethos to support local artisan producers and help them put food on their tables, by putting it on yours! A few foraged products come from further afield, but these are kept to a minimum and aid local conservation.

The Gallery Wine & Tapas Eco Bar has set the benchmark in a number of ways since opening and continues to innovate in this field.

The Gallery is Ireland's first Natural wine bar, and puts the planet before profit as much as possible. It is the first bar in Ireland to remove avocado from the menu. (The 'Green Gold' is controlled by cartels in South America, resulting in thousands of farmers being murdered. In Chile locals are having to rely on water trucks for all their water needs and once flowing rivers are now bone dry.

The Gallery Westport, is also the first place in Ireland to consciously have a Palm Oil, and GMO-free menu, ban any kind of single use take away cups, (instead I promote conversation and ask people to remember to bring a flask or offer them a ceramic cup donated from local people and charity shops).

I also banned salmon from the menu on environmental grounds and only use ethically reared, natural habitat charcuterie.

If you have red wine, cheeses or meats, please let them get to room temperature first, before consuming, this way you will get the most taste out of it.

Please see here for further information and here, and educate yourself about some of the issues in the global food supply chain.



Organic green Greek olives 4.5

Thoruba organic olives 4.5

Biodynamic Kalamata olives 4.5

Piquanté peppers served with Dozio’s of Mayo soft cheese and spoon of honey 6.5 (milk)

Organic medjool dates & walnuts and organic honey 5.5

Sustainable Irish Smoked Mackerel, delicious/nutritious! 5 (fish)

Organic anchovies, sea salad sprinkle 6.5 (fish)

Take-home tub of Sweet Black Garlic ready-to-eat cloves.
A perfect mix of molasses-like richness and tangy garlic undertones. It’s as delicious as it is unique 5



Organic superfood spiritual salad

Mixed organic salad leaves drizzled with foraged raspberry syrup, walnuts and dried apricot, topped with dried mulberry, organic dried apple, seasonal toms and granola mix. (Nuts)

Organic Rice Stuffed Vine Leaves 8.5

Handmade organic rice-stuffed Greek vine leaves with sticky balsamic drizzle and sweet pepper with peanut rayu (peanut, sesame)


Organic Irish Trout Pate

Earthen pond farming is an old traditional Danish system, and to date, it is one of the most natural environments where fish can be grown, free from chemicals!

This delicious trout pate is served with Cultured Food Co. Beetroot, organic lemon and sprinkle of Cosmic5 ground coffee, with spiritual salad and local bread.

(fish, milk)


Natural Habitat, organic and ethically reared

Selection of free range charcuterie; wild venison with pistachio and bilberry, smoked Bath pigs cheeks, wild mushroom & truffle, smoked wild Irish boar with Irish goat salami, Gubeen salami's and chorizo (may vary due to availability)

Served with one of the world's finest  blue cheeses, organic medjool dates, walnuts, wild foraged dwarf Mugo Italian pine syrup & Irish apple.

(nuts, milk, sulphur dioxide)


Award winning cheeses:
(cheeses may vary due to availability)

Dozio’s Ella
Wookey Hole Cave aged Goat’s cheese
Organic smoked Foresters
Charcoal cheddar World’s only black cheese!
Velvet Cloud crumbly sheep’s cheese
Mrs Belles Blue: winner of just about every award there is.

Almonds, medjool dates, figs and none sulphured apricots (all organic)

Selection of wild foraged organic preserves
Drizzle of organic honey
& Handmade Crackers

(milk, wheat, nuts)



Wookey Hole Cave-aged Goat’s cheese
Charcoal cheddar (World’s 1st & only black cheese)
Mrs Melle’s Blue
(cheeses may vary due to availability)

Almonds, medjool dates, figs and none-sulphured apricots (all organic)

Handmade Crackers

Wild foraged vanilla and raspberry jam

(milk, wheat, nuts)



The ultimate sharing experience!

Our signature curation of organic and artisan food products!

Organic / Biodynamic Greek olive selection

Dozio’s of Mayo, ‘Ella’ semi hard (Swiss style)
Wookey Hole Cave aged Goat’s cheese
Smoked Scamorza from Toonsbridge
Charcoal cheddar (World’s first, and only black cheese - exclusive to The Gallery)
Velvet Cloud crumbly sheep’s cheese
Mr’s Belles Blue - Europe’s finest blue cheese.
‘Camemburt’ - melty decadance!

(cheeses may vary due to availability)

Almonds, medjool dates, figs and apricots
(all organic, with no added sulphur)

Selection of wild foraged organic preserves

Organic spiritual salad leaves

Cornichons / pickled organic cucumber

Handmade crackers


EITHER a delicious range of Charcuterie, e.g. Wild Venison with pistachio and bilberry, Wild Mushroom & Truffle salami, Smoked Pigs cheeks, and Seaweed Salami, Beef Bresola, Mangelizta Lomo, and more!

OR with Earthen Pond Reared Smoked Rainbow Trout (when available).

€38.95 for two (€7.50 surcharge for both charcuterie and fish)

€54.95 for three (includes vine leaves)

€72.00 for four (includes trout and vine leaves)

For groups of five or more, ask about our bespoke 'Party Boards', from €20pp

Depending on board - (milk, sulphites, fish, wheat, nuts)