Do you want to eat wholesome, natural food, made by real people with a passion for what they do? My mission is to:
Source the finest ingredients that I can.
To select small scale producers, making their food as naturally as possible.
To present interesting dishes to you, prepared and served with an attitude of gratitude!
Thanks and blessings x
Championing award-winning, artisan producers along the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland in general. It is my ethos to support local artisan producers and help them put food on their tables, by putting it on yours! Some products come from further afield, but these are kept to a minimum and aid local conservation where possible, like wild foraged mountain herbs from the Italian Alps!

We are now doing gourmet pizzas too!

The Gallery is Ireland's first Natural wine bar, and puts the planet before profit as much as possible. It is the first bar in Ireland to remove avocado from the menu. (The 'Green Gold' is controlled by cartels in South America, resulting in thousands of farmers being murdered. In Chile locals are having to rely on water trucks for all their water needs and once flowing rivers are now bone dry.

The Gallery Westport, is possibly the first place in Ireland to consciously have a Palm Oil, and GMO-free menu, ban any kind of single use take away cups, (instead I promote conversation and ask people to remember to bring a flask or offer them a ceramic cup donated from local people and charity shops).

I also banned salmon from the menu on environmental grounds and only use ethically reared, natural habitat charcuterie.

Please see here for further information and here, and educate yourself about some of the issues in the global food supply chain.

I am learning all the time about food and its production, in particular soil regeneration, healthy soil with zero added 'nasties' = healthy food!


Pizzas are made to order and are meat or vegetarian, there is a gluten free base options too!
The pizzas are slightly unusual and quirky and the feedback is GREAT, tell your server if you do or don't want the following included on your pizzas, mushrooms, peppers, blue cheese! Thanks

The dough is made either locally from Cornrue Bakery or from an Italian Baker based in Dublin. The tomato sauce is organic and the meat selection varies due to whatever I have in stock. The cheese may include a local Dozio's cheese or aged Gruyere and the rest of the ingredients are thrown on for the craic.

Vegetarian - aubergine, organic pepper, artichoke, award winning cheese €16 (milk, pepper)
Meat - tasty selection of my charcuterie with strawberries and world class cheese €18 (milk, pepper, sulphites)
Margherita - award winning cheese, tomato sauce, basil €12.5 (milk)