Do you want to eat wholesome, natural food, made by real people with a passion for what they do?

My food philosophy is to source the finest ingredients – as local & natural as possible, to prepare them with gratitude and serve with love.

Championing award-winning, artisan producers along the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland in general. It is my ethos to support local artisan producers and help them put food on their tables, by putting it on yours! A few foraged products come from further afield, but these are kept to a minimum and aid local conservation.

Introducing the first fully Palm Oil and GMO-free wine bar menu in Ireland, for more information about Palm Oil and GMO in the food chain, please hop on over to my blog! All the food I serve is as much as truly possible, made by humans, by artisans who lovingly craft their products. When Pat ‘The Sour Dough Bro’ or ‘Beast with the yeast’ as I call him, drops in his sourdough bread, we have a light hearted chat about that week’s production and I can learn about his bread and his art. The same goes for the jams, pickles and preserves that I buy from the ladies at the market or the foragers from high in the mountains. The chocolate or tea, coffee or even the local honey. Sometimes buying the food involves a trip out, I’ll be posting more stuff on my blog about it all. In the meantime, have a slobber over the menus. Cheers to all the crafters and makers and doers x



The perfect accompaniment to wine! A superb selection of Irish cheeses to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses. Made by small scale, artisan producers that share your passion for quality food.

Pecorino sheep cheese
Dozio’s toasted almond and apricot soft cheese
Mayo Blue
Knockanore smoked Cheddar
Organic cumin cheese
Furmagella semi-hard cheese
Wild foraged syrup
Organic preserve
Organic Irish apple (scrumped when possible)
Scatter of organic dried fruit & nuts
Served with Irish crackers

€12.50 for one | €20 for two | €27.50 for three | €36 for four

The ultimate sharing platter!

Wooded Pig / Cordale ethical organic charcuterie +€5.5
Goatsbridge earthen pond reared smoked trout +€6
Burren Smokehouse salmon +€8
Organically farmed Kalamata olives
Pecorino sheep cheese, Dozio’s toasted almond and apricot soft cheese, Mayo Blue, Knockanore smoked Cheddar, organic brie, organic cumin cheese, Mayo Furmagella semi-hard
Wild foraged syrups
Walnut, garlic and Harissa hummus
Spiced Guacamole
organic Irish apple (scrumped when possible)
seasonal organic spiritual salad with fennel sauce
scatter of organic dried fruit & nuts
served with Irish crackers & sourdough bread

€33 for two | €45 for three | €58 for four


Natural Habitat Chorizo 12.5

Toonsbridge ricotta cheese, served with Mugolio Pine Syrup, Wooded Pig free range Irish Chorizo with local apples, local grapes and figs.

Wooded Pig Salami Selection 12.5

Shaved sheep cheese with a Pontack drizzle, served with a selection of local cheese, Wooded Pig fennel, garlic and spiced salami’s with local apples, local grapes and figs.

Sloe Venison 12.5

Corndale venison salami with sloe chutney and red onion marmalade on warm sourdough, served with artichoke and Blue cheese.

On The Pig’s Back Terrine 12.5

Isabelle’s Duck & Plum terrine served with Abernethy smoked butter.and unbleached crackers.


We only use ethically reared fish from Ireland

Goatsbridge Trout 12.95

Earthen-pond Trout rillette on Kirsten’s seaweed and seeds pumpernickle style bread, served with rosehip jelly, and spiritual salad with foraged berry organic syrup.

Wild Burren Smoked Irish Salmon 15.95

Burren Smokehouse organic salmon, with Kylemore Abbey mango chutney, Dozio’s toasted almond & apricot cheese, and a sea salad dust with Abernethy dulse & sea salt rolled butter on Pat’s sourdough.

Burren Smoked Spiced Mackerel 12.95

High in healthy Omega-3, this is served with a duo of beetroot and ginger, and spiced chutney’s, served with Kirsten’s seaweed and seeds pumpernickle style bread and dillisk butter.


Bowl of Greek pistachios 5.50

Hand roasted in small batches. They are slightly salted with an exquisite taste and texture. Greek pistachios have P.D.O status (Protected Designation of Origin) are renowned for their wonderful flavour.

A trio of textures 7.50

Pasteli sesame & honey bar with toasted almond & apricot cheese, and a  pipette of Mugolio Dwarf  Pine syrup

Cretan salt cured olives 5.50

These organic Kalamata (Kalamon) olives grown on the island of Crete. They are hand piked and dry cured in layers of salt. This process removes the moisture and results in a soft flesh (almost like a prune) and a unique meaty, salty and intense flavour.

Amfissa Green olives 6

Green Amfissa olives are grown in the organic and biodynamic farm of Atrapos. They are hand picked when still unripe, fermented in brine, rinsed in fresh water, then pickled with herbs. They are rich in antioxidant properties, with a firm green flesh and fresh, bright taste.

Kalamata olives with lemon & herbs 6.25

These olives are marinated using a Spartan recipe that includes lemon juice and zest, wild aromatic herbs and no added vinegar.

Peppers & Sherry 7.50

A lattice of roasted peppers and sourdough strips with a drizzle of  sherry.

Biltong & Hearts 10

A delicious blend of quality Isle of Wight beef biltong with spice and garlic, and artichoke hearts sprayed with a 300yr old Pontack recipe.

Slowly does it 12.5

Gaelic Escargot Fillets with Irish black garlic cloves and white truffle (Tuber magnatum) oil, produced in association with Pavlina Kladopoulou. Pavlina forages for truffles with her own dogs (which she trains herself) in the regions of Kastoria, Pieria and Ionnina in Northern Greece.


Delicious plant based dishes, inspired from around the world

The Gallery’s Spiritual Organic Salad Mix 14.95

Mixed salad leaves infused with organic Fennel & Nettle, with beetroot chutney, pine nuts, organic Irish apples / grapes, red raw slaw and organic Kimchi, topped with dried cranberry & goji berries. 

Walnut stuffed dates with Muglio Pine Syrup 8.95

Nutritious and delicious – Medjool dates stuffed with organic walnuts and pipette of Mugolio dwarf pine syrup, served with vegan peanut butter. Simple but oh, so tasty! 

Guacamole on Cornrue Bakery sourdough 7.50

Pat’s super-tasty warmed sourdough bread, with organic Guacamole with organic lemon, pepper and crushed garlic, served with a Raspberry syrup 

Baked Falafels 12.50

Baked organic falafel served with wild spiced chutney, carrot, orange and fennel chutney, white Kimchi, Chilli ginger pickle and organic, spiritual salad leaves. 


Co-opetition in action!

Napoletana – Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, Oregano, anchovies & a drizzle of olive oil. 12.50

Quattro Stagioni – Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, Italian Ham, Olive, Mushrooms & Artichokes. 16.50

Toscana – Italian black truffle sauce, fior di latte mozzarella Mushrooms & Italian sausage. 18.50

Calabrese – Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella Pepperoni, roast peppers, red onion & black olives. 17.50

Calzone – Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella Italian ham, baby spinach & fresh ricotta cheese. 17.50

Margherita – Homemade San Marzano tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella. 9.50

Homemade Dips – Garlic Mayo, Chipotle Mayo,Tzatziki, Hot Coriander & Lime, Sweet Chilli, BBQ. 2.50

Extra Toppings – Add extra topping of your choice. 2.50

Fries – 3.50

Truffle Fries – 5.00