Nice mention in the Irish Times!

Very happy to be recognised for our wines. The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar has a committment to only sourcing the finest wines from around the world, at a price point to suit all pockets. This is an extensive task and one that becomes more difficult as my knowledge and love of wine increases.

The aim is to become the first Natural wine bar in Ireland, meaning that ALL wines will be either organic, biodynamic or at the very least, made with the minimum of intervention.

We all know that the many of the wines on supermarket shelves and wines that are produced ‘en-masse’, are jam packed full of chemicals, sulfites and pesticides. They are bought and sold with little regard to the terroir and sometimes appellation of the wine itself.

The Gallery aims to continue developing the wine list to offer its customers an unparalleled wine selection, one that is sensitive to the growers, their family and their region.

Do call in and sample the unique atmosphere and the unique wines we stock.

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