Hi Coffee Lovers

I'm passionate about great tasting ethically sourced coffee, and like to know:

  • Where the coffee beans come from
  • Who grows the coffee and how that impacts their lives
  • How clean and pure the coffee is
  • How the coffee tastes
  • That it is 'Bird Friendly'

The journey from bean to cup can span thousands of miles so I spent time considering what type of coffee would best fit The Gallery. It has to be organic (and certified to prove it), it has to be Fairtrade and it has to be of the highest standard, which is why I use Bird & Wild coffee, Ireland's only source of 'Bird Friendly' coffee. It must be free from pesticides and toxins and give back to the community where it is grown.

Bird friendly, organic, & Fairtrade

If you’ve ever had that shaky feeling or headache after drinking coffee, it may not be down to the caffeine in the coffee but it could be the quality of the beans. Most poor-quality coffee will contain increased levels of mycotoxins. While mycotoxins aren’t noticeably harmful, a build-up from drinking them in your coffee every day could have a greater impact on your well-being that you can imagine. Bird & Wild coffee is made in the cleanest, purest way possible.

200g pre-ground bags available to buy below

Bird-friendly | Organic | Fairtrade

Niche Zero Coffee Grinder

The Gallery uses a NICHE coffee grinder, one of the quietest grinders available (only 72db) It uses the superb 63mm Kony conical burr with virtually zero coffee residue between grinds.

What does this mean?

This means that each cup of coffee tastes as fresh as possible, is ground and pulled through to order. Current grinders often trap large amounts of coffee in their grind chambers. As we know, ground coffee starts to go stale in a matter of seconds. So your coffee is being tainted by the old trapped stale grind. With this in mind, the Niche Zero Grinder’s unique grind path has been developed to retain virtually no grind and give you the freshest grind every time.

As well as using the most ethical beans I can get my hands on, I figured I'd look for a machine that consumes less power than the big beasts that adorn many a coffee shop, something that suits the needs of The Gallery.

As a result, I use a 'Ponte Vecchio' Lusso, two-group, traditional Italian lever pull machine, widely reputed to offer excellent coffee extraction, plus, it looks very stylish and is super fun to use!


Bird & Wild RSPB Coffee, ESPRESSO DARK ROAST, Case of 6 x 200g Bags - Beans or Ground.