The Gallery house blend of Cosmic5 is the winning combination of five of the best beans on the planet; Columbian, Ethiopian, Kenyan, Papa New Guinean and Costa Rican.

Expertly roasted, right here in Westport, by Bean West Coffee Roasters, it is the perfect combination of rich tasting coffee and ultra deep cocoa flavours and is totally unique to The Gallery. Each cup is blessed and served with universal love for that cosmic flavour! Being produced by a local supplier means less of an ecological footprint too and it also helps a local economy thrive.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is a classification of coffee grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

It is one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world.

Gold Cup coffee estate No.1 grade Blue Mountain, is the best of all the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffees available. It’s the very highest estate on Blue Mountain and without question, this is the very best of the best.

Blue Mountain has an intense aroma and is perfectly balanced with a full bodied flavour that develops on the palate. It is exceptionally smooth with vibrant acidity and a persistent flavour.

Espresso €12.00


Espresso €2.50
Double Espresso €4.00
Westportano – Espresso, & hot water €2.50
Latte – Espresso, steamed milk, bit of froth top €3.00
Cappuccino – Espresso, steamed & frothed milk €3.00
Mocha – Same as Cappuccino with hot chocolate €3.50
Cortado – Espresso, same again of steamed milk €2.60
Flat White – Same as Cortado with more milk €3.00
Cappalatteccino – Half Latte, half cappuccino €3.25
Chai Latte €3.00

We also have a range of speciality coffees, please ask for the menu during your visit. Sometimes we have the CIVET coffee too…

The Gallery Café, Wine & Tapas Bar was proudly the 1st coffee shop to start stocking BEAN WEST COFFEE.