Valenwine’s Date Night with Figs…

  Valentine’s day, origins skeptical…every day is Valentine. Every day is an opportunity to wake up and embrace the living moment as if it were the last. We just said ‘goodbye’ to our beloved on the phone, ask, “is this the last time I will ever be able to communicate to her / him / them?” Be it our Parents, … Read More

Flamenco Jazz Guitar Evening

This Thursday we have a night of relaxing flamenco, Spanish and jazz guitar with the humble Brian Parsons. A welcome and anticipated return to The Gallery, promising to be a wonderful evening of great music, fine wines and artisan cheese boards.

Valentines Day

Treat your loved one to a bottle of bubbly, choose from the ONLY bottle of SAV Birch Sap wine in the country, or why not go all out with a biodynamic Champagne, we also have the only two bottle of VIP Norwegian-berry infused organic prosecco or for something different again, try our col-fondo style Pet Nat, we’re the only stockist … Read More


New addition to The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar, Ireland's First Natural Wine Bar

  We have a large selection of books about wine, natural wine and indeed a whole host of other subjects, from psychic archeology to tree identification to old dictionaries and curiosities here in The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar. Please call in for a browse, sometimes we sell the books too! This little piece is about natural wine, it’s a … Read More


We are VERY happy to be invited / included in the 2018 Good Food Guide… The Gallery Natural Wine & Tapas Bar is the first all natural wine bar in Ireland and we are passionate about sourcing and serving the best quality food and wine we can. This means using as much as possible, local and organic producers. We aim … Read More

To Fine or Not to Fine, The Living Art of Natural Wine

I got into natural wine while researching organic wines as I was updating my wine list (yet again) and learning that organic, by definition, did not necessarily mean that the wine didn’t contain ‘nasties’ or that it was in fact small-scale, family or community driven or produced. In fact some wines using organically grown grapes may still contain a whole … Read More

The Gallery: Now stocking ROKA wines!!!

 Short film-Roka winery from Liam Cabot on Vimeo. Local heroes and wine lovers, Liam and Sinead Cabot manage 1.5 hectares of vines across three varieties: Sipon (Furmint), Laski Riesling and Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch). All ferment spontaneously with natural yeasts and most in small 500L open wood fermenters. Rigorous work in the vineyard and minimal intervention in the cellar are … Read More

6,000-year-old (biodynamic) wine?

Interesting article about how researchers have found traces of wine in old copper storage jars, that date back 6000yrs! Read it HERE


The Gallery is proud to be (we believe) Ireland’s 1st ‘All Natural’ wine bar, we are phasing out any existing non-natural wines and will ONLY be selling organic and biodynamic wines, or wines produced alongside organic principles. Our food is all GMO and Palm Oil free, and organic (wherever possible) and locally produced, so it made sense for our wines … Read More

The Dirty Guide to Wine: Following Flavor from Ground to Glass

ESSENTIAL READING!!! A new one on The Gallery Natural Wine & Tapas Bar wine library shelves! Still drinking Cabernet after that one bottle you liked five years ago? It can be overwhelming if not intimidating to branch out from your go-to grape, but everyone wants their next wine to be new and exciting. How to choose the right one? Award-winning … Read More