Lovely Review!

I got this review a few years ago and just came across it looking through some old emails. It’s really heart-warming to be recognized for all the long hours I have put into my business over the years. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I’ve been battling a bit of depression these last few years, not really knowing it … Read More

Thouest, Thee and Thy

Thouest, Thee and Thy For many years I have been interested in the power of language and words and how writers can construct and build imagination, and tangible feelings and provoke emotional and physical responses simply by using words in a specific arrangement and way. I remember crying aloud reading ‘Wild Swans’ by Jung Chang, whilst sat on a train, … Read More

Taoism in the Age of Globalisation

Hi folks, I haven’t done a post here for a while as I’ve been rather busy procrastinating. Also going through a lot of personal transformation (I mean, what other kind is there? really?). Fast forward to today and here we all are in the collective melting pot of virus vs conspiracy vs fact vs fiction. This is a book my … Read More

Vacancies: Apply Without!

Several vacancies for planet-saving actions are available to us all day, every day. Please apply without…without harming unnecessarily, our wonderful planet, or the people and other animals that call it their home. I don’t use Palm Oil on my menu, have no GMO products either, only sell wines produced from regenerative farming practices in the vineyard, and I only use … Read More

Keeping it unreal since 2014

Many TripAdvisor comments refer to The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar in Westport as being the highlight of the whole trip to Ireland!. Find us nestled along a side street opposite one of Ireland’s most famous pubs, ‘Matt Molloys’. There’s lots of other reasons that The Gallery is worth a visit too… Sticking to a strong environmentally sound ethos, The … Read More

Avocad(n)o More?

The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar is no longer serving Avocado on it’s menu. Initially, I was thinking to remove this humble fruit, at least until a more appropriate supplier, i.e. more sustainable, closer to Ireland and organic (obviously!) source could be found. However, I have decided that it is simpler to just take it off the menu entirely, and … Read More

Biodegradable? What a load of rubbish!

The Gallery Café, Wine & Tapas Bar in Westport, now only sells ‘take-away’ coffee in either recycled (jam) jars or ceramic mugs (if suited). I have read several articles over the course of this last year that have spurred me to make this move. I believe that we are the first café / wine bar / coffee shop to do … Read More

Why conventional wine is killing the buzz?

“According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, at current rates of soil loss, driven largely by poor farming practice, we have just 60 years of harvests left.” Source: The Guardian My own journey into wine started at around the age of fifteen, with a bottle of 1972 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, a rogue bottle that somehow found it’s way back from Scotland after a … Read More

The Curse of Palm Oil

Since opening in 2014, The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar made a conscious decision not to use GMO products or Palm Oil based products, if I have found any products to contain Palm Oil, I have taken it off the menu. Similarly, if any product has been found to be from an unsustainable source, I have replaced it or removed … Read More

12 Bars in One

Recently mooted as Ireland’s best wine bar by The Irish Times, The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar is also Ireland’s 1st Natural Wine Bar and one of the most intimate live music venues in Ireland. Established artists like Luan Parle, and Davey Furey have already graced this boutique venue, along with guest appearances from the likes of Don Stiffe. Known … Read More