Avocad(n)o More?

The Gallery Wine & Tapas Bar is no longer serving Avocado on it’s menu.

Initially, I was thinking to remove this humble fruit, at least until a more appropriate supplier, i.e. more sustainable, closer to Ireland and organic (obviously!) source could be found. However, I have decided that it is simpler to just take it off the menu entirely, and that’s without going into all the chemicals sprayed on the huge-scale of these crops, and the colossal amount of water required to produce just 1kg of them. (It takes up to 1,000 litres of water to grow just 1 kg of avocados–roughly 3 avocados.)

It wasn’t until recently that I came across a few documentaries, whilst researching my film nights, about the negative impact of the avocado, not only on the planet, but also it’s people, effectively the planet too, we’re all little planets after all, making up a universe of the earth!

Anyway the short and tall is that I am taking the avocado off the menu. It’s interesting how long the road is, in terms of my own journey into food, and the paths that our food takes to reach us are incredible and sometimes totally unnecessary. More to follow…

This is an interesting documentary from YouTube. I’ll post more in due course.

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